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Notable Results


Representative Verdicts:

$16.3 Million

-Work place negligence, burn injury

$4.87 Million

-Construction accident.

$4.433 Million

-Slip and fall, premises liability.

$3.87 Million

-Medical negligence, failure to diagnose and improper medication.

$2.5 Million

-Medical negligence, failure to diagnose.

$1.74 Million

-Auto/pedestrian injury.

$1.5 Million

-Premises liability.

$1.2 Million

-Slip and Fall

$1.1 Million

-Auto/pedestrian injury.

$1 Million

-Failure to properly train worker

$1 Million

-Medical negligence, traumatic intubation.

$1 Million

-Medical Malpractice failure to diagnose cancer.


-Drunk driving automobile accident.


-Truck/car collision


-Utility company negligence.


-Car intersection collision, traumatic fibromyalgia.


-Premises Liability, falling gate

Representative Settlements:

$4.5 Million

-Medical negligence, hospital error.

$4.2 Million

-Medical negligence, birth injury.

$2.6 Million

-Hospital Negligence, failure to supervise suicidal patient

$2 Million

-Medical negligence, failure to diagnose

$2 Million

-Medical negligence, sepsis

$2.2 Million

-Medical negligence, prescription error.

$1.9 Million

-Medical negligence, prescription error.

$1.25 Million

-Work place injury.

$1.15 Million

-Motorcycle collision with significant orthopedic injuries.

$1 Million

-Trucking accident, brain injury

$1 Million

-Auto truck collision, partial spinal cord injury.


-Semi truck accident.


-Nursing negligence, death of a child.


-Auto accident, orthopedic injury.

Insurance Bad Faith:


Disclaimer :

The cases and results are a sampling of the results achieved. This does not constitute a promise, guarantee or warranty of any kind. Results differ from case to case depending on the facts.