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Brain Injury

We Understand the Impact of a Traumatic Brain Injury

braininjuryMany brain injuries initially go undiagnosed and untreated. The human brain is so complex that even neurologists cannot easily assess the extent of brain damage and the resulting limitations. Whether mild or severe, the damage is often irreversible and life-altering for both the victim and the family.

If your loved one suffered head trauma in an accident and you suspect brain injury, it is critical to get an accurate diagnosis and early treatment. It is also important to contact an attorney to preserve your rights.

The personal injury team of Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush have extensive experience advocating for those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). We help clients maximize compensation for the substantial care requirements, financial hardships and profound impact on their life.

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Iowa Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

Brain damage is not always readily apparent or even considered. The treating physicians who examine accident victims may not assess the patient for brain injury, especially when there are broken bones, lacerations and other acute injuries. Doctors may attribute the symptoms of brain trauma to something more benign such as post-traumatic shock or depression.

The result is that mild traumatic brain injury (mild TBI) and post-concussion syndrome can go undiagnosed for months. On the surface, the person can appear normal and pass many tests, but underneath the injury can have a profound effect on the person’s concentration, decision making, motivation and emotions. Many victims experience headaches and vision problems, chronic fatigue, mood swings and outbursts, personality change or a fuzzy, foggy existence that is mistaken for depression or apathy.

Proven Results for Brain Injury Victims

Davenport brain injury attorneys Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush bring more than 30 years of legal experience and focused knowledge of traumatic brain injury (TBI). They have handled head trauma cases such as motor vehicle collisions or slip-and-fall accidents, as well as oxygen deprivation in birth injury and other hypoxic brain injury cases.

We work with national medical experts to confirm traumatic brain injury and also with many professionals, such as vocational experts, economists and life care planners, to illustrate the impact. We put in a lot of work to make sure that compensation covers lost earnings, nursing or assisted living care, medical treatment, medications, counseling, job training and other needs, plus damages for pain and suffering and reduced quality of life.

Michael Bush recently represented a woman who hit her head falling on a wet floor in a grocery store foyer. She sustained a major knee injury but received no care for her brain injury until she was diagnosed two years later. In establishing the property owner’s negligence, including 12 similar falling incidents, Mr. Bush obtained the largest premises liability verdict in Texas in 2009, an award of $4.4 million.

Brain injuries do not always involve a direct trauma to the head:

— In 2009, Mr. Bush recovered $1.5 million on behalf of a client whose brain damage was linked to substantial back and neck injuries suffered when a hardware store sign swung loose. A PET scan revealed the brain injury.

— In another case, a plumber suffered brain damage when he was buried alive in a work site trench collapse. Because his extensive orthopedic injuries got all the attention, he was not initially diagnosed for TBI.

The Knowledge, Resources and Commitment to Fight for You

Getting a diagnosis, proving the connection and detailing the impact of a brain injury requires a substantial investment of time and money. At Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush, we are prepared to put in the effort and resources to get to know our clients and to get results.

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