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Dog Bites

Compensation for Dog Bites and Attacks

dogbitesUnder Iowa and Illinois law, dog owners are strictly liable when their pet bites or attacks someone. This means that the injured person is automatically entitled to compensation if the animal had never bitten or acted viciously before.

So why do you need an attorney? Dog bites are covered by homeowner’s insurance and the insurance company will try to undercut your claim if you are not represented by legal counsel. At Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush, we know what your case is worth and we will fight for your entitled compensation for your medical, financial and traumatic impact.

Protect Your Dog Bite Rightsยท Call (563) 344-4900 for a Free Consultation.Our Davenport dog bite injury lawyers serve the Quad Cities, Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Contact us today if you or your child was attacked.

A Dog Bite Claim Is More Than Medical Bills

Most people who try to handle their own dog bite claims are not aware of the full value of their case. They may agree to a lowball settlement or unwittingly damage their case by making statements to the insurance adjuster.

Attorneys Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush are accomplished trial lawyers with many settlements and verdicts in dog bite cases over the last 25 years. They know how to counter any statutory defenses (trespassing or provocation) and how to establish all elements of damages, including:

  • Medical bills for bite wounds or infection
  • Reconstructive or plastic surgery
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement
  • Nerve damage or other disability
  • Lost time from work
  • Emotional trauma

Children are the most frequent victims of dog bites and often suffer the worst injuries, especially bites to the face, head and hands. Children are also more likely to suffer psychological harm in the form of post-traumatic episodes, fear of dogs and damaged self-esteem from visible scars.

Of course, anyone is vulnerable in an animal attack, especially by pit bulls and other dangerous breeds. Michael Bush recovered $600,000 for the severe mauling of an appliance repairmen who was nearly torn limb from limb by a pack of dogs at a farm.

Serious Representation for Serious Injuries

We are confident we can get more compensation than you would get from the insurance company on your own. Call (563) 344-4900 toll free in Iowa or Illinois, or contact us online. We offer a free consultation and there are no attorney fees unless we recover compensation.