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Hospital Malpractice

Nursing Negligence · Medication Errors · Lab Errors

medicalmalpracticeThe physician or surgeon is not always at fault when patients go undiagnosed or suffer serious harm. When nurses, technicians, pharmacists or administrators deviate from the standard of care, the hospital can be held responsible for malpractice.

The Davenport law practice of Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush represents individuals who suffered serious injury in a hospital setting or families whose loved one died while in hospital care. We have a strong record of results in medical negligence litigation.

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Davenport Hospital Malpractice Attorneys

Nurses and lab technicians may not have the advanced training of a physician, but they are held to their own professional standards. They are the eyes and ears of the doctors, and they have a duty to listen, to pay attention to details, to keep accurate records and to speak up when something seems wrong.

Hospital malpractice takes many forms:

  • Emergency room errors — The foremost role of the ER doctors and staff is to make sure the person does not have an acute, life-threatening condition.
  • Lab and radiology errors — Improper reading of X-ray, MRI or CT scans, or negligence in handling biopsy, blood samples or urine specimens can have disastrous results.
  • Medication errors — Doctors, pharmacists and nurses all have an obligation to verify that the right drug was prescribed and to double-check the dosage and contraindications before medication is dispensed and administered to the patient.
  • Failure to monitor — Nurses and nurse practitioners must be vigilant for signs of distress and follow up on patient complaints. These could be early indications of heart attack, stroke, internal bleeding, sepsis or other trauma.
  • Failure to admit/premature discharge — The hospital has a duty to diagnose and treat, which may mean holding or admitting the person for observation or additional tests. We represented the family of a woman who went to the hospital complaining of sore legs. She was sent home without being diagnosed for deep vein thrombosis, which killed her when it reached her heart.

Proven Advocacy for Victims of Hospital Negligence

Trial lawyers Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush have more than 30 years of experience in civil litigation, including insights as former insurance defense lawyers. We know how to establish liability on the part of the hospital for the errors or misconduct of hospital personnel.

Medical malpractice litigation is expensive to undertake, but when there is good evidence we have the resources to hire medical experts who can attest to the breach of care and the skills to convince a jury or insurance adjuster to award compensation.

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