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Nursing Home Accidents

Injury or Death from Nursing Home Negligence

nursinghomeaccidentsYou entrusted the nursing home with the care of your elderly parent, but the facility failed in the most basic duty of protecting your loved one from harm. Adding insult to injury, the facility stonewalls you when you seek answers about what happened.

The legal team at Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush provides the strong legal advocacy to hold elder care facilities accountable for medical negligence, neglect or abuse of your family member. We will promptly investigate and vigorously pursue damages for suffering and lasting harm or for a wrongful death.

Do You Suspect Nursing Home Neglect? Free Consultation at (563) 344-4900. Our Davenport nursing home accident attorneys practice in the Quad Cities, Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Contact us today to explore the legal remedies.

Iowa Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

Many long-term care facilities are notoriously underfunded and understaffed, which translates into patient neglect, subpar medical care and inadequate security. The reality may be a far cry from the colorful brochures that promised your loved one would be looked after and treated with dignity.

We have the experience and resources to investigate and hold nursing homes accountable for:

  • Falling accidents — When staff members drop patients or when frail residents try to walk on their own for lack of assistance, it commonly results in broken bones, hip fractures or head injury.
  • Bed sores — These painful, open sores develop around bony protrusions (hips, tailbone, elbows, heels) when bedridden patients are not turned or repositioned at regular intervals. If bed sores, also called pressure ulcers, are not properly treated they often worsen and become septic.
  • Malnutrition and dehydration — Lack of water and nutrients compromises the immune system and may lead to organ damage or death. The medical and care staff have an obligation to monitor liquid intake, assist with eating and investigate weight loss or loss of appetite.
  • Elopement (wandering off) — Patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia who are not supervised closely may roam into danger on the premises or get lost when they wander outside of the facility.
  • Abuse — Nursing home residents, especially those with mental infirmities, are highly vulnerable to physical abuse or sexual assault by staff or other residents.

Nursing home cases can be difficult to prove. Many victims cannot or do not speak up for themselves or their testimony is not sufficient evidence. Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush are accomplished trial lawyers with a long record of results in injury litigation, including verdicts and settlements for nursing home injuries. They work to corroborate the neglect or abuse through witness accounts, patient records, state investigator reports and research into hiring practices and employee backgrounds.

Pursuing Justice for Your Elderly Family Member

We share your outrage and we will do everything in our power to hold the nursing home ownership accountable for putting profit ahead of people.

If you believe that your loved one died or suffered injury from negligence, neglect or abuse, call (563) 344-4900 toll free in Iowa or Illinois, or contact us online. We offer a free consultation and there no attorney fees unless we recover compensation.