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Our Philosophy

inner-bothThe personal injury law practice of Michael K. Bush and John C. Bush is centered on several core principles, including a deep belief in our clients and their cases; an unparalleled work ethic and drive to obtain justice; and an ethical and honest approach with our clients, opposing counsel, judges and juries.

In trying well over 100 jury trials over the course of our careers, we have developed a deep reverence for those selfless citizens who give up their time and money to serve on a civil jury.

Our experience has taught us that juries rarely get it wrong and if they do get it wrong, it is almost always the fault of the lawyer presenting the case. People who sit on juries demonstrate a profound understanding of human nature and common sense which translates into a just decision.

Many attorneys who specialize in representing injured clients focus on dealing with liability insurance companies since, in virtually all cases, the liability insurance company is the entity that must resolve the case with payment of a settlement check. However, what we have learned is that if an advocate for an injured person focuses instead on the selfless citizens who sit on the jury and try to determine what they will require in order to make a just decision, the results for my client will be enhanced.

An individual juror can understand human suffering in a way that insurance corporations cannot. Insurance companies have a vested interest in minimizing damage payouts to maximize their corporate bottom line. Conversely, jurors who have no personal interest in a dispute can more readily provide a reasoned and adequate award based only upon the search for truth and accountability.

The vast majority of the cases we accept are settled short of trial. However, we believe it is necessary to prepare each case with an eye toward ultimately going to trial because, without the prospect of a trial by jury, the insurance company can and will dictate what it deems to be “justice”.