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Client Testimonials

Rick & Sue-

Mike and John Bush exhibit that rare blend of compassion and intense preparation, which makes them likeable to have on your side as lawyers while creating challenges for those who oppose them.

Mike Bush’s reputation establishes him as the best attorney to have in cases where traumatic brain injury has occurred.  We continue to hear from people in different fields that Mr. Bush is the preeminent authority with expertise in litigating TBI’s among personal injury lawyers in the state of Iowa—and beyond.  We have never heard a negative opinion about his practice.

My wife’s TBI started us on a lengthy, difficult road from the time of her accident to its settlement.  Mike Bush’s team helped us navigate this unfamiliar territory.  They did so with a sincere dedication to ensuring that my wife was seen by the best experts in this field, that any questions we raised were honestly answered and that we could contact them at any time for feedback regarding her case.

Mike and John are sincerely focused on improving the future for clients they serve.  They are straightforward with their honesty and concern for your well-being.  Our lives were changed forever by the accident.  This team did everything possible to make our future brighter.  Getting to know them and having their representation for my wife’s lawsuit offered a strong beacon of hope during a most stressful period of our lives.
We consider them godsends encountered on this journey.

I have seen these men in action and am glad that they were on our side.  The amount of experience and expertise they possess was critical during periods when we did not know how to move forward.  Mike and John Bush dedicate extra time to each case they take on, in order for clients to receive the full benefit of their attention and knowledge.

After my accident, When months had passed and I was still not myself, although I wished things were different, I decided to speak with different attorneys who might be able to help with my situation. Mike Bush was the only attorney who truly and compassionately understood brain injury. Mike has spent decades helping people with TBI, and is extremely knowledgeable about the affects it has on one’s life and livelihood.

Mike helped me through several very difficult years and always treated me with respect and dignity. He explained situations and was patient when it was hard for me to understand or cope. I trusted him from our first meeting, and I was right to do so. He helped me navigate the medico-legal maze at a time when that was nearly impossible for me. I am continuing trying to heal and am better for having had the good fortune to have worked with Mike, his brother John, and their excellent professional team. I give my highest recommendation, respect and gratitude to them all for their diligent work and continuing advocacy regarding brain injury and those whose lives have been affected.

Mike Bush helped us deal with the difficult time after our daughter’s automobile accident. His expertise helped our family in multiple ways. The doctors, vocational experts, and psychologist that he referred us to helped us understand our daughter and deal with her condition with empathy. His personal support went above and beyond by always responding to our questions even on the weekends. Mike and John Bush are a caring mentors providing advice to clients on traumatic brain injuries. We are truly grateful to have selected Mike as our lawyer. He is a fantastic person and a lawyer second. We came to know John towards the end of our litigation. We would highly recommend both Mike and John to anyone.